10 benefits of the lectin free diet

10 benefits of the lectin free diet

As a naturopathic practitioner, I am always on the search for new compounds, diets and lifestyle modifications I can utilise my clinic. As the approach to optimal health and longevity is a multifaceted one, mind, body and spirit, all 3 areas must be covered in order to attain equilibrium. Here I will discuss the hands down best “diet” I have applied to my practice, the Lectin Free diet.

Over the years I have applied many diets and lifestyle modifications not only to my clients but also myself. As a practitioner I believe you must practice what you preach, otherwise why will you preach it in the first place. As a stage 4 advanced cancer survivor of 11 years now, it is impeccable that I continue to search for the best strategies in which I can incorporate into my life and also my clients lives. There is no error with cancer, and prevention is key. So when I discovered the lectin free diet a few years back, I decided to read the science. I was blown away by Dr Gundry and his claims, but when I started to break down his book and other scientific data, I thought I must give this a shot. Since then I’ve never looked back. I have tried numerous diet fads over the years, and they were exactly that a fad, nothing has come close to the benefits my clients and myself experience. This diet is truly a God send. Combining IF and the lectin free diet, to my practice in combination with specific lifestyle modifications, supplements and herbal medicine, have been my greatest asset to my business.

The lectin free diet offers so much more than what I have stated in the picture above, if you have tried all diets and to no avail you must try the lectin free diet.

Other benefits include: insulin regulation, cellular rejuvenation, regulation of certain hormones, supporting autoimmune disease, improves brain fog, may reduce headaches, reduces reactive oxygen species and much more.

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