How synthetic chemicals and toxins effect your health

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How synthetic chemicals and toxins effect your health

How synthetic chemicals and toxins effect your health

Each and everyday we are exposed to heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants. They can be found in our water, food, land, air and sea. Both long-term and short-term exposure can have devastating effects on the mind and body. Toxins can effect you both mentally and physically. It can lead to health conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disease, infertility, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, mineral deficiencies, oxidative stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, DNA damage, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so on.

Today in the modern world, our body struggles to cope with this daily bombardment of toxins. We are no longer capable of detoxifying these harmful chemicals without the assistance of specialised detoxification plans.

How to reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins

– Buy or grow your own organic produce. According to the Mayo Clinic, organic produce is safer and more nutritious when compared to food grown conventionally. They are naturally grown without the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and germicides. If you can’t grow your own organic produce or can’t afford to buy organic, then wash the non-organic produce with water and apple cider vinegar to help remove harmful sprays to a certain degree. Or use EnviroCare fruit and veg wash or clean you produce.

– Eat small to medium sized wild fish, such as bream, whiting, flathead, snapper, barramundi, salmon and sardines.

– Invest a water filter to help reduce chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and pathogens in your drinking water. I recommend 12L gravity filter by the water shop. There are many others on the market to chose from.

Drink structured water – this water has a similar structure to naturally occurring spring water. Structured water holds the correct negative charge which is essential for optimal cell function. For more information follow Dr Pollocks work on structured water.

– Use chemical free ingredients in your home. From cleaning products, toiletries, pantry items, to packaging foods.

– Stay away from major roads, highways, cell towers, power stations and transmission towers.

– Be cautious about hygiene. Always wash your hands, especially when entering different environments, don’t bring pathogens back home.

– Don’t use a microwave as may radiate your food.

– Avoid consuming harmful chemicals such as cigarettes and recreational drugs.

– Don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol if you want to keep your liver.

– Keep house well ventilated or use air purifiers, especially around babies.

– Turn off mobile phones and routers when you sleep.

– Use natural and organic cosmetic brands. There are thousands of synthetic chemicals used in cosmetics and many of them can lead to serious illness and disease. Be careful what you apply to your body, as it can make its way into your body. For a list of harmful cosmetic chemicals use this link

How to detox effectively

Just as we tend to service our cars once or twice per year, it is essential that we cleanse or detox regularly. Below is a list of practices used and recommended by our practitioner, to assist with detoxification.

– Nutritional support through supplements, to support with phase one and phase two detoxification.

– A nutritional diet plan.

– Herbal medicine to protect organs and improve their function.

– Drink sufficient water intake daily to assist with removal of toxins. Water calculation 30ml x weight in kilos per day and more with -exercise.

– Regular exercise to promote sweating.

– Promote regular bowel movements.

– Fasting to reduce daily load of food intake and improve detoxification pathways.

– Sauna therapy.

– Colonic therapy.

– Coffe enemas.

– Lymphatic drainage.

– Self-reflection therapies such as meditation, breathing and focused relaxation techniques.

Author, George Awad practices Naturopathy in Bella Vista, Norwest and Rouse Hill, Sydney.

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