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Meet George

George is the owner and principle naturopathic practitioner at Naturopathic Health Solutions Bella Vista/Norwest and Rouse Hill Sydney.

George’s health scare

As with many alternative health practitioners, George’s journey started because of a life-threatening disease. Early in 2010, he was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced cancer of the thyroid, which spread to his lymph nodes and his lungs. Two weeks later he was admitted into hospital for a full thyroidectomy and removal of a 4cm tumour and 60+ metastatic lymph nodes, right side of his thyroid.
After a successful operation, a full body PET scan using radioactive iodine, was ordered. As a result, the scan uncovered the severity of the cancer. The scan revealed that the cancer spread to his lungs and lymph nodes, left of the thyroid. The oncologist recommended he undergo three large doses of radioactive iodine treatment over the next year, to which he did. Finally, George performed a second scan to which there was no improvement to the remaining cancer.

George’s journey to alternative medicine

Approximately 6 months later George became frustrated because of the lack of advice that was given to him by his oncologist and their team. He would question them about diet and supplements, and they would reply you’re waisting your time and money. Shortly thereafter, a friend advised him to look into alternative medicine, to which he began researching natural treatment options for cancer support. Within a month, George visited a naturopath, then a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner and began both their treatments.
Shortly thereafter, George began consuming herbal formulas, nutritional supplements and TCM herbs daily. The majority of his diet was organic plant-based, with small amounts of wild fish and eggs. Each day he pressed two litres of fresh cold-pressed vegetable juice and a green smoothie. He incorporated lifestyle choices such as praying, exercising, spending time in nature, working for a non-for-profit charity organisation, and enjoying life to the fullest.
As each month passed George felt better, stronger and fitter than ever. His vital force reached a pinnacle, comparative to his teenage years. As the years went on, he would touch base with his oncologist. Each year he would undergo a PET scan which revealed good consistent results.

The body innate ability to self-heal

George was amazed at the body’s innate healing capabilities, under the right conditions. He wishes to share his story to those who are struggling with a cancer or chronic condition. Eventually his journey led him to study in the field of naturopathic medicine. After years of study he earned his qualifications as a fully qualified naturopath. Today he has his own practice and is passionate about helping those who are struggling with a disease or chronic condition. George’s mission is to assist in healing, using evidence-based naturopathic medicine, so people can be their healthiest best and live their life’s purpose.


George does not make any claim that he cured himself of cancer using natural medicine in any way. He believes in his own experience, that combining both conventional and complementary medicine may of helped him. He recommends seeking professional medical advice when experiencing any type of  medical condition, especially cancer. If you are dealing with cancer and wish to implement any form natural medicine please seek advice from your oncologist before doing so.